Effective, May 7, 2018 we will be closed on Mondays until further notice. Apologies for any inconvenience.


The Spirit of KAMPAI

"Kampai" literally translated as "May you drink your glass completely dry." Which in America, would be the equivalent of "Bottoms Up!" When toasting glasses in Japan, the upraising of glasses just means, "Cheers!"

Kampai, it has an even deeper meaning for us. It imparts the true feeling of fellowship and fun.

To us, "KAMPAI" means, an open invitation for your satisfaction and fulfillment.

Reservation Policies for Kampai

Since Kampai has a communal seating arrangement we have to have policies for our reservations. If you are a small group you will be sat with others, so if you run late you make other people possibly wait. This is why we only hold reservations for 5-10 minutes after your scheduled time. If you arrive after that time you are considered as a walk in and will have to wait for the next available opening. On time or early reservation people will have first priority to seats first.

We will not seat parties that are not complete. If people in your party are running late you also will only have 5-10 minutes before you lose your reservation unless you can order for those people. You will have to be ready to place your order when the server requests it.

All tables have a maximum time of one and a half hour on the table starting at the time of your seating. This is to insure other people getting sat on time for their reservation.

Also please make sure to include all children (even babies) when making your reservation. It is the number of seats at the table you will need, not just the number of people eating.